Smouldering Wicks Handmade Natural Wax Candles


Smouldering Wicks ceased business at the end of August 2016.

We would sincerely like to thank all of our friends, supporters and customers for their input, comments and purchases during the company's life - we wouldn't have enjoyed it all so much without your contributions.

***IMPORTANT: Our Facebook pages for Smouldering Wicks, Candle Maker & SW Ready-to-gift Candles & Gifts pages have been blocked/deleted by Facebook. I am not able to administer any Facebook content for updates/comments/messages/etc, nor can I delete the pages. Please do NOT make any contact/comments on the Smouldering Wicks Facebook page. Please make all contact directly to the Smouldering Wicks email address only smoulderingwicks @ (take out the space each side of @)

You are welcome to visit our new venture...
contact me by @

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